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Welcome to Knowledge Management. Today’s culture thrives on knowledge. It is evident in the items we buy or activities we invest time managing. Possessing knowledge gives advantages in making the right decision or strategy to implement. The Internet distributes knowledge at split-second rates. Laptops and smart phones bring knowledge to our fingertips. As the old adage says, “knowledge is power.”

Organisations have a wealth of knowledge accessible through the people they touch internally, like employees, and externally, like customers. Organisations that allow knowledge to go un-managed may be giving their competitors the upper hand in the market. The organisation that is able to capture, store, and retrieve knowledge effectively is then capable of learning as an organisation. A learning organisation is one where employees are empowered to change and develop new methods, thoughts, and strategies that will advance the mission of their organisation.

Knowledge Management is the establishment of a system that captures knowledge purposefully for incorporating into business strategies, policies, and practices at all levels of the company. This course will teach the learner how to initiate a knowledge management program at work. When it comes to knowledge management, any organisation is able to implement a strategy. Wherever there are humans working together for one goal, there is knowledge to be harvested, stored, and dispensed as needed.

The words knowledge and management are two very broad concepts when separated. When the two words come together, it speaks of a concept that strives to organise information in a way that produces an advantage for an organisation. While anyone would think that harnessing the knowledge of an organisation is a positive thing to do, there are many who do not see the value of knowledge management. They may see this as a waste of time. This is true of many other disciplines like project management. Many see planning and assessing risk as time consuming. Therefore, they do not support initiatives that bring this change. In all honesty, change is the real issue.

Our eBook will give you the tools to present knowledge management to your organisation in the most positive way in order to gain the right support for it to thrive in your organisation. The more information you can share with your organisation about knowledge management the more apt they are in accepting it.

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