Internet Marketing Fundamentals

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The internet has changed the way that people shop and conduct business. Even experienced marketing professionals need help navigating the pitfalls of internet marketing.  Integrating the marketing techniques with modern technology is essential for every business.  With teh appropriate skills, both companies and individuals will be able to create successful internet marketing techniques.

Marketing research is essential to a successful marketing campaign.  Once this information is collected, it will determine the appropriate price point, product development, and your target audience.

Price is a main factor that determines what customers will pruchase.  Competitive pricing is particularly improtant on the internet where consumers can easily compare prices between sites.

It is impossible to meet the needs of every customer.  This is why it is necessary to determonie who your target audience is and how you caan best meet their needs.

Successful marketing goes beyond traditional research, it requires real time marketing. Tools such as social media, customer rewards, news media and blogs allow businesses to monitor the changing needs and interests of customers in the moment to improve sales.  Real time marketing requires dynamic content, engagement, consistent monitoring and flexibility.

Each organisation must manage its brand carefully.  A brand is not simply a logo, it is what customers beleive about an organisation and its products.  It is the company's image, which may be for quality, service or unique merchandise.  It takes more than marketing to maintain a brand.  Branding requires care at every stage of coustomer interaction, consistency and distinctive qualities that set the company apart from it's competitors. Once the brand is established it must be maintained carefully.

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