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Welcome to the world of Administrative Support. Having effective administrative skills are essential in today’s work environment. Being organised, punctual, and effective in your communication skills, both written and verbal are crucial if you want to achieve your goals in any endeavour you pursue. Think of it. The current business environment is filled with many sources of information, and you have to take that information and analyse it, prioritise it, and process it to the extent where value is achieve for the organisation. Good administrative skills reduce the risk of “things falling through the cracks.” Great administrative skills create exponential results that spot potential problems, overcome obstacles, and leverage resources effectively.

Organisation begins at your data entry points. Emails, voice mails, and interoffice mail are all channels that ebb and flow with information that require processing and organisation. We need to take a moment to see how these various entry points of information can be harnessed and used efficiently

Your workspace is a reflection of your organisational skills. Having a cluttered unorganised workspace sends the message to others that you may be the type of person that loses things or is constantly behind on projects. Taking the time to organise your workspace is a good investment. It not only improves your efficiency, it sends the message to your manager and peers that you are organised.

Adopting project management tools into your daily routine will help to organise your work more effectively. Modern project management started in the 1960’s and identifies five major phases of a project: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing. Within the planning phase are three important tools for managing people, tasks, and communication. Becoming familiar with these tools and using them will help you organise those that work with you by their involvement in the project and influence

Developing good time management skills takes discipline. It is a conscience effort in knowing what you are doing for how long. It is defending your schedule and fending off distractions. Wasting time at work could infringe into your personal life like working extra hours or taking work home. If you resolve to make time management your goal, you will be good at it.

Decline work you know you cannot deliver. Many times you may just have to decline the job. If you are unable to exchange the new task for one that is already scheduled and you know you cannot deliver both, decline it. Just remember do not decline a job then later be caught standing around at the water cooler for 20 minutes. This will damage your credibility.

Ultimately, it is our job to deliver things on time. Prioritizing your work, staying on track and accurate goal setting are essential elements to you being able to deliver your project or tasks on time. This module will allow you to explore techniques that increase your effectiveness in meeting your deadlines.

Aside from managing your schedule vigorously, you should develop behaviours that help you enjoy your work. Becoming bored or frustrated could easily become distractions that will cause you to lose sight of your daily objective of being effective and efficient.

Your job as an administrative support person will place you in many situations where you are speaking with the leaders and decision-makers of the organisation. Having sound verbal communication skills is essential in influencing those around you.

Our body language dictates much of what we are feeling inside. Understanding effective body language is essential for an administrative supporter in building relationships throughout the organization. In this module you will explore body language, which will help you monitor your own body language as well as those around you

Being an administrative support person leaves plenty of room for empowering yourself. Often times, you are expected to act independently, make decisions and resolve issues with little or no guidance. In this module, you are going to learn how to empower yourself through assertiveness, consensus building, conflict resolution and decision making

Working as a team with your manager is essential in keeping the lines of communication open and building rapport. A good and positive relationship with your manager is the foundation and support structure that gives you the ability to function independently. In this module, you will learn the basis of building a good relationship with your manager

Many of us spend more hours at work than we do at home with our families. The work environment can be a source of wellbeing or a source of stress and unhealthy living. The last module in the workshop focuses on how you can keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically.

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